Cranbrook Newcomers Guide

Welcome to Cranbrook!

Cranbrook is an amazing confluence of opportunity and lifestyle in the World Renown – Beautiful Rocky Mountains of southern British Columbia.

The Cranbrook Newcomers guide and Data Portal provides everything you’ll need to know about living, working, and doing business in our beautiful city, including services and amenities, government and community organizations, and a wealth of resources covering everything you may need to make Cranbrook your new home!

Known as the Basecamp of the Kootenays, Cranbrook is the largest urban centre and regional focal point in southeastern B.C. Family-oriented and wholesome, Cranbrook has all the charm of a small town with the added advantages of a big city.

  • Safe, secure, and affordable.
  • Population 21,000 (and growing!)
  • The average age in Cranbrook is 44 years old
  • Cranbrook is the sunniest city in British Columbia
  • Home of the Canadian Rockies International Airport
  • Retail Hub of the Kootenay’s

Building for the Future

In the past 5 years Cranbrook has issued over $300M in building permits and constructed 897 dwelling units. This level of development signifies that approximately 10% of the housing stock has been newly built, addressing the growing demand for housing in the area. Notably, the emphasis on purpose-built rentals has played a crucial role in providing migrants and newcomers with excellent housing options. These purpose-built rental units offer a range of amenities, affordability, and security, making it easier for migrants to find suitable and comfortable places to live in Cranbrook. This focus on purpose-built rentals reflects a proactive approach by the city to support population growth and enhance the overall quality of life for its residents.

We are committed to empowering our community by providing state-of-the-art data tools necessary for our success in attracting investment, fostering new businesses, and attracting top talent.

What’s in the Newcomer’s Guide?

The Newcomer’s Guide was created to be simple, easy to use, and visually pleasing. It incorporates hyperlinks that lead users to relevant government agency or stakeholder websites for further information. The guide aims to provide newcomers with a seamless and enjoyable experience, facilitating their understanding and access to essential resources.

  • Our History
  • Cranbrook Today
  • Working Together For You
  • Business / Entrepreneur Resources
  • Moving Around Cranbrook
  • Living in Cranbrook
  • Finances & Money
  • Living in Cranbrook
  • Learning in Cranbrook
  • Staying Healthy in Cranbrook
  • Enjoying Cranbrook
  • Living in Cranbrook
  • Staying Safe in Cranbrook
  • Municipal Government

What’s in the Data Portal?

Residents, business owners, potential investors and developers regularly have questions. Now they can use our Data Portal to get answers. We have compiled many of those answers from reliable, trusted sources (Statistics Canada, BC Stats, CMHC and others) in an easy to understand, visual format that puts the fun in data.

The data portal offers a user-friendly dashboard where users can effortlessly explore a wealth of information. Within this intuitive interface, users can access essential economic indicators, population statistics, housing data, demographics, tourism insights, as well as various business studies and reports. The portal provides a comprehensive platform for users to delve into these crucial data points, empowering them with valuable insights for informed decision-making and analysis.

Visit our Data Portal to learn more!