The East Kootenay Regional Hospital is the district’s primary hospital and is responsible for providing services to patients throughout the East Kootenay. As one of the four regional hospitals belonging to the Interior Health Authority, the East Kootenay Regional Hospital offers services including core physician specialties, 24 emergency and trauma services, Level 3 laboratory, acute and obstetrical care. Interior Health also operates over 20 clinics and care centres throughout the region.

In addition to the benefit of easily accessible healthcare, the East Kootenay Regional Hospital has and continues to create opportunities for research investors, medical developers, and healthcare workers in Cranbrook.

Interior Health Unit

Serves 801,000+ population of the southern interior

$2.6 billion annual budget

Covers more than 215,000 km² (83,011 m²)

$8.8 million invested into EKRH in 2019 and 2020

Other Health Care Providers:

Cranbrook is also home to a wide array of secondary and tertiary care facilities, including chiropractors, alternative and natural health practitioners, massage therapists and others