Forestry has long influenced Cranbrook’s economy and today there exists a significant opportunity for growth in this sector.

The wood industry directly employs workers in a diverse range of occupations – from foresters, environmental scientists, engineers, administrators and software developers to maintenance supervisors, mechanics, and trade specialists. Currently, 10% of jobs in the Kootenay region are created and supported by the forestry industry with eight post and pole mills (more than any other region in BC).

The Rocky Mountain Forest District is surrounded by 2.6 million hectares of montane forest and offers an annual harvest of over 1.6 million cubic metres. It’s no wonder that one of the world’s largest producers of sustainable lumber, pulp, and paper as well as several small to medium scale sawmills, supplying lumber to industry-leading companies and local builders, choose to do business here.

In addition to our skilled and highly motivated workforce, you will also have access to tons of available land that’s already zoned for manufacturing and a shipping and transport infrastructure, including air, rail, and intermodal facilities.

The lush forests of larch, pine, and fir provide a beautiful backdrop to those living in our region, but unfortunately, they also pose a threat. Wildfire mitigation is a top priority for elected community leaders and our residents. With that comes unique opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in seizing unmerchantable wood.

Industry generates and supports:


Post & Poll Mills


Total Jobs


of Jobs in The Kootenay Region

$442 Million

of Labour Income

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Strategic Plan 2024-2027