Clean Energy

Cranbrook is home to an emerging cleantech industry with various sub-sectors, including solar power, waste-to-energy conversion, cogeneration, and alternative fuels.

Our forward-thinking community leaders are helping to propel an increasingly supportive ecosystem for businesses finding environmentally friendly ways of doing things. Located in the heart of the world-famous Canadian Rockies, you will be reminded of the environment you’re working hard to protect every day.

As a region with shipping and infrastructure in place and our very own international airport, your cleantech business will have direct access to key international markets such as Europe and Asia. We are also only an hour away from the world’s largest cleantech export market.

British Columbia is considered a leader in the cleantech sector with one of the highest ratios of cleantech companies to GDP in Canada. The B.C. government offers several business incentives programs specifically for emerging technology in this sector.

As the sunniest city in B.C. with over 2,191 hours of annual sunshine, there is no better place to be for those interested in harnessing the power of the sun or developing products and services for solar applications.

With an annual worth of $3 trillion worldwide, the cleantech industry is thriving and if you’re ready to thrive with it now’s the time to consider locating your business in our region.