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Our team is dedicated to assisting your business in establishing and thriving in Cranbrook. With access to valuable market research and business insights, we actively foster local connections to support your business’s establishment in the dynamic and innovative Kootenays city.

Furthermore, the regional partners and stakeholders recognize the importance of competitiveness in attracting businesses, especially when compared to other rural cities in B.C. Your business can take advantage of various incentives provided by regional, provincial, and federal organizations, helping to reduce costs and facilitate your relocation to Cranbrook.

The City of Cranbrook has achieved remarkable progress in cultivating an entrepreneurial-friendly environment. Through the collaborative efforts of the mayor, council, and administration, Cranbrook has transformed into a flourishing hub in the Kootenay region. The city council members have embraced an “open for business” mindset, driving Cranbrook’s progression into a thriving and progressive community.

  • Bringing new businesses to the forefront. More entrepreneurs are opting to run their companies in Cranbrook. Business license registration in our city has gone from 844 licenses in 2014 up to 1,884 in 2021—a staggering 123% increase, helping to foster growth and boost our economy.
  • Getting developments underway. Building permits over the past five years have increased by 118% to over $300m.This is a fantastic indicator that Cranbrook is getting bigger and better, with a bright future ahead.  
  • Finding real solutions to the housing crisis. Housing availability and cost present a considerable challenge in B.C. and beyond. To address this housing crisis, the Cranbrook mayor and council called special meetings to expedite the necessary development projects and get more housing built in a timely manner. Examples of these worthwhile projects include Legacy Summit and Broadstreet Properties. 
  • Streamlining the municipal approval process. The planning and engineering staff have worked together cohesively to enable fast, efficient municipal approval. Streamlining this process has allowed more progress to be made in local developments and other areas.
  • Supporting key initiatives. Cranbrook was the pilot location for the Buy Basin and Shop Local campaigns—effectively boosting business all across the region. The City of Cranbrook worked together in partnership with Columbia Basin Trust to back these integral projects.
  • Rebranding for success. Choose Cranbrook (a new brand sharing narrative of the city) received the prestigious Best of the Best Award for Marketing at the 2021 Marketing Canada Awards, presented by the Economic Development Association of Canada. The rebranding initiative highlights all the best things about Cranbrook and contributes significantly to the growth and prosperity of the city.
  • Attracting industrial development. In 2018, the Tembec Lands Project purchased 99 acres of brownfield with plans to develop the land. The acquisition of approximately 100 acres of industrial zoned land encourages further investment and creates new jobs. The city’s industrial project with the Tembec land was sold in November 2020 to Peak Industries, creating 40 jobs at the finger joint plant. The prosperity has started.
  • Making substantial airport upgrades. In the past decade, more than $20 million in capital has been invested into the expansion, rehabilitation and other improvements to the Canadian Rockies International Airport. The upgrades enabled Cranbrook to become a major transportation hub for those working or living in the Kootenays.
  • Keeping the community informed. The City of Cranbrook has launched a data portal to keep community members and stakeholders aware of the latest developments. Now anyone can find basic information and statistics about the city, such as how many people moved here in the past year. This has been useful not only to the general public, but also to business owners, developers and potential investors. Check out the data portal online now.
  • Breathing new life into the downtown core. Downtown revitalization started in 2014 when the City listed the old fire hall for sale. This made room for the Fire Hall Kitchen & Tap, a bustling local pub. Since then, there have been numerous other investments made to beautify and rejuvenate the community’s core. The city is currently undertaking a Downtown Revitalization Master Plan that will lead to improvements in parking, redevelopment opportunities and more.
  • Creating a Tourism Master Plan. Tourism strengthens the economy, having a positive impact on trade, investment, international education and a number of other key areas. Tourism businesses often employ local workers and also source their materials locally, creating more jobs and opportunities within the community. We have decided to focus on this sector with the introduction of our Tourism Master Plan

Given the accomplishments and growth of this forward-thinking community, it’s no wonder that so many business owners are coming to the area. There has never been a better time to choose Cranbrook.

Spirit of collaboration

We work directly with local and neighbouring business leaders to expand our market reach and promote strategic growth. For instance, the Cranbrook-Kimberley Development Initiative (CKDI) established in 2015, presents the cities of Cranbrook and Kimberley as one economic region working together to bring new business to the area. Furthermore, the two cities have developed a joint business license for companies looking to expand their local market.

Our team, local industry and partners are committed to strengthening our city’s role as the regional service centre.

And with our total tax rate (5.29%) on major industry significantly lower than other B.C. cities, including those in the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan, we present a solid case for large enterprise expansion.


Green, Renewable energy

Preferred Access to major markets

Competitive tax environment

Fiscal Incentives

Hub for natural resources

Low land acquisition cost

Municipal leadership and vision

Growth potential

Our local government is committed to fostering a thriving business community. We offer a range of measures and incentives to help established businesses grow and to encourage new startups. Our goal is to provide all business owners with the necessary support to succeed. Our collaborative and customer-focused approach involves working as a team to understand and meet the needs of those interested in investing, establishing, or relocating their business to Cranbrook. We also provide support for those already investing in our city, to ensure their continued success.

Spirit of Collaboration

We collaborate closely with local and neighboring business leaders to expand our market reach and drive strategic growth. One recent example is the development of the Tourism Master Plan 2023 in partnership with Cranbrook Tourism, the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce, and the Ktunaxa Nation Council. This plan will serve as a guide for the city’s decision-making on tourism initiatives, while also providing a clear vision and mission to enhance current tourism assets in the city and surrounding region. Find out more about our Tourism Master plan.

Our team, local industry and partners are committed to strengthening our city’s role as the regional service centre.

Value of Building Permits Issued – over the last 5 years

Talent and Workforce

Our labour force is dedicated and diverse with extensive experience in the city’s prime industry sectors of education, health care, construction, transportation, mining, and retail trade. These individuals are motivated by their desire to live, work, and play here.

Cranbrook is the Kootenay’s talent destination. As home of the College of the Rockies Main Campus, our talent pipeline is strong and diverse with COTR consistently investing in new programming.