Logistics and Transport

Freight is big business in our region. Our infrastructure, market accessibility, and land inventory create an ideal business climate for truck depots and warehousing.

  • 15 trucking firms
  • 5 major transportation terminals
  • 330,000+ freight trucks pass through Cranbrook annually

Situated along a key transportation corridor both internationally and interprovincially, Cranbrook is a popular stop for long-haul truckers. With a cluster of major trucking firms located within a convenient industrial area and just under 1,000 trucks passing through Cranbrook daily, it has established itself as a regional logistics hub.

Established as a railway and resource town, Cranbrook has a long history with the Canadian Pacific Railway. Trains travel to and through Cranbrook daily from the Lower Mainland, the Okanagan, and other key BC locations. Cranbrook is also one the few locations in the province with an international railway port. This means that US bound cargo spends significantly less time in transit than it would leaving from elsewhere and that Cranbrook can deliver its business to the world.

As the economic hub of southeastern B.C., our region serves a total immediate market of 100,000, with an additional 4.5 million in our neighbouring province. We also serve as a key connection between Canada and its largest trading partner, which is just an hour away.

Doing business here means you will have access to inexpensive property already zoned for manufacturing as well as some of the lowest operating costs in B.C.

We are in an excellent position to meet the growing needs of B.C. and Canada. The logistical fabric of our region is interwoven with opportunities for your new or expanding warehouse, trucking terminal, or depot to thrive.