Connected by two major highways, Highway 95 and Highway 93, Cranbrook offers direct access to key destinations in all four directions.

Situated along a key transportation corridor both internationally and interprovincially, Cranbrook is a popular stop for long-haul truckers. With a cluster of major trucking firms located within a convenient industrial area and just under 1,000 trucks passing through Cranbrook daily, it has established itself as a regional logistics hub.

5-minute commute

Cranbrook is known to many as the city of the “5-minute commute” due to its accessibility and the fact that traffic is virtually non-existent. Though Cranbrook is considered a car-dependent city, you will often see people walking or cycling to work in the downtown core. The city is also covered by the BC Transit system which spans neighbourhoods and prime business locations.

  • 4,000 cars a day
  • 15 trucking firms
  • 5 major transportation terminals
  • 3 bus service lines8+ big box and national retailers
  • 330,000 freight trucks pass through Cranbrook annually
  • Average commute for those working in Cranbrook is less than 15 minutes
  • 25 minutes and 25 km (15 miles) to Kimberley