Mountains of Opportunity

International access by air, rail and highways make Cranbrook an ideal location for the CII program to be anchored. With several large parcels of serviced land, Cranbrook offers unlimited opportunities for those interested in establishing or relocating their business.

Currently available for development are:

  • 99 acres of heavy industrial land
  • 60 acres of industrial land
  • 52 acres of aerospace land

As a regional base, Cranbrook offers immediate access for industries such as:

  • Mining – metal and mineral exploration or geospatial
  • Forestry – lidar mapping, silviculture, reforestation, full life cycle utilization of fibre
  • Pipeline Infrastructure – monitoring, SCADA, and telemetry
  • Wildlife Management – monitoring, management and/or species at risk
  • Natural Disaster Mitigation – fire, flood and avalanche
  • Clean Energy – Biomass, geothermal, and hydro
  • Technology – Data centres, high performance computing, artificial intelligence, and analytics