Business Friendly Cranbrook

When it comes to business, our local government is extremely progressive. With measures and incentives put in place to help established businesses thrive and to encourage new business start ups, we pride ourselves on giving all types of business owners the support they need to be successful. With a collaborative and customer-focused approach, we work together as a team to understand and meet the needs of those interested in investing, establishing or relocating their business to Cranbrook, as well as supporting those currently investing in our city.

Spirit of collaboration

We work directly with local and neighbouring business leaders to expand our market reach and promote strategic growth. For instance, the Cranbrook-Kimberley Development Initiative (CKDI) established in 2015, presents the cities of Cranbrook and Kimberley as one economic region working together to bring new business to the area. Furthermore, the two cities have developed a joint business license for companies looking to expand their local market.

Our team, local industry and partners are committed to strengthening our city’s role as the regional service centre.

And with our total tax rate (5.29%) on major industry significantly lower than other B.C. cities, including those in the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan, we present a solid case for large enterprise expansion.


Hydro electricity, green, renewable, sustainable & cost effective

Preferred Access to major markets

Competitive tax environment

Fiscal Incentives

Global hub for natural resources

Low land acquisition cost

Municipal leadership and vision

Growth potential

Value of Building Permits Issued

Talent & Workforce

Cranbrook is the Kootenay’s talent destination. With most of our population within the working ages of 25 to 64 and an additional 2,295 people aged 15 to 24 emerging into the workforce, hard working employees are easily accessible.

Our labour force is dedicated and diverse with extensive experience in the city’s prime industry sectors of education, health care, construction, transportation, mining, and retail trade. These individuals are motivated by their desire to live, work, and play here.

Cranbrook Innovation Initiative

The purpose of the Cranbrook Innovation Initiative (CII) is to encourage and foster the growth of emerging technologies that utilize the vast Kootenay region’s capabilities.

Our goal is to be the largest innovation zone in the B.C. interior for commercializing the research and development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous vehicles (land and air), advanced optics, clean energy, data sciences, and other related technologies.

The CII is committed to growing our existing industrial sectors by revitalizing or repurposing existing lands and engaging sectors that have been affected by economic downturn. We are working with local stakeholders, business leaders, and government agencies to help support our city as a rapidly emerging 21st century economy.